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31st October 2023

Council Employee Awarded £25,000 Settlement for ‘Deadnaming’ Claim

In a groundbreaking case believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, a transgender council worker has secured a compensation of more than […]
29th September 2023

Conformation of dog breed involved in attack on woman

Authorities have confirmed the breed of the dog responsible for a vicious attack on a 51-year-old woman, which left her with injuries to her face, neck, […]
28th August 2023

Couple Killed Electrician In Revenge For Alleged Rape

In a shocking court case, a tragic incident unfolded where an electrician became the victim of a brutal act of violence, leaving a community in shock. […]
28th July 2023

Migrant worker wins £25,000 for maternity discrimination

A migrant healthcare worker has won more than £25,000 on the grounds of unfair dismissal and maternity discrimination after she failed to tell bosses who sponsored […]
30th June 2023

Inquest Reveals Nicola Bulley was Not Under the Influence of Alcohol on the Day of her Death

During the inquest into the death of Nicola Bulley, it was revealed that she had not consumed alcohol prior to her demise, contradicting earlier statements by […]
31st May 2023

Overweight individuals will be protected against discrimination

Under a law passed by New York City, overweight people will be protected against discrimination. The measure means that obese people cannot be denied public housing […]
28th April 2023

Farmers daughter has won 650k after claiming sexism in fathers will

A farmer’s daughter has won a £650,000 pay-out after claiming sexism after her brothers were favoured in her father’s will. Julie Mate and her sisters were […]
31st March 2023

Soldier wins £700,000 because his earplugs fell out.

In what is believed to be the largest payout by the Ministry of Defence for hearing loss, a Royal Marine has won more than £700,000 after […]
28th February 2023

Universities say transgender women can be excluded

Following landmark legal action, university students’ union chiefs have conceded that feminist student societies can exclude transgender women. Bristol Students’ Union (Bristol SU) caused anger when […]