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29th April 2022

Clampdown on ‘fake’ five-star reviews on one-star restaurants

Low-quality restaurants will find it harder to receive five-star status after a clampdown on fake online reviews. The Government is putting forward legislation to make paying […]
1st April 2022

Officer jailed for kicking up a stink about boss’s hygiene

A Spanish police officer who complained about her superior’s body odour has received a six-month jail sentence. The member of Spain’s Guardia Civil militarised police force […]
1st March 2022

Diamond thief told to repay just £350 from £4.2m haul

A woman who stole £4.2 million worth in diamonds by swapping the gems for pebbles in the biggest theft of its kind has been ordered to […]
1st February 2022

Highest number of first time buyers in 15 years

As low-deposit mortgages have become increasingly available, the number of people taking their first step onto the property ladder reached its highest level in 15 years. […]
1st January 2022

Harry Dunn’s alleged killer to face virtual UK court

US citizen Anne Sacoolas is to face a virtual trial before a UK court after being charged with causing the death of teenager Harry Dunn by […]
1st December 2021

Pigeon owner fined £1k over noise louder than a plane

A pigeon keeper has been forced to get rid of his 15 birds after the “unrelenting” noise they created was found to be louder than a […]
1st November 2021

Gay couples must be allowed to adopt, says Court

The Court of Appeal has ruled that an evangelical Christian fostering agency must allow homosexual couples to adopt. Cornerstone (North East) brought legal action against Ofsted […]
1st October 2021

Property prices expected to remain high

The Halifax has said the sharp rise in property prices, over the past year, are unlikely to fall away as values climbed to a record high […]
1st September 2021

Probate fees increase is penalising bereaved for poor service, say MPs

Ministers have been told that a planned increase in probate fees should not go ahead while grieving families face months of delays to gain control of […]